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Webinar on the Benefits Cliff THURSDAY 3:00 PM ET

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    Tom Mulloy

    The Benefits Cliff:
    Helping Friends in Need Answer Difficult Questions and Build Security
    May Webinar

    Many friends in need that we encounter receive critical assistance for housing, health care, nutrition, and other basic needs that can taper off or even disappear on their journey to sustainability. These “benefits cliffs,” as they are often called, can pose challenging questions for poor and vulnerable families–Will I lose my housing support if I accept this job offer? Can my children still receive nutrition assistance at school if I accept this raise?

    The universe of assistance programs is complicated, making questions like this very difficult to answer. This webinar will begin to demystify it all, and give Vincentians the knowledge and resources they need to provide assistance and guidance.

    Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET
    Call-in Information: 877-885-3221; Passcode: 7812587
    *This webinar will be recorded and archived at
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    For more information, contact:
    Tom Mulloy
    Director of Poverty Programs

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