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Our History HUANGSHI FUERTAI as a main producer and supplier of tenofovir intermediates has been developing for more than 10 years, our main products such as DESMP, CMIC, RPC, HPA, PMPA, have a good presence in indian market and american market. The strong capacity, good quality and stable on-time supply ability make us the prior supplier for our end customers. Our Factory We have three factories, HUANGSHI FUERTAI CHEMICAL CO., LTD as parent company, HUANGSHI FUERTAI PHARMACEUTICAL TECH CO., LTD. as main production base for tenofovir inter mediates; HUBEI FUERJIA PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. as key input material production base. The parent company manage the business of other two factories. Our Product Tenofovir and its intermediates; such as DESMP, CMIC, RPC,HPA,PMPA; Ciprofibrate Product Application ANTIRETROVIRAL, ANTI-HIV/AIDS, ANTI-HBV Our Certificate ISO9001, ISO14001 Production Equipment Reactors, rectifying tower, boilers, dryers etc. Production Market Taken 60% indian market share and 50%american market shareChina (2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl)benzene website: website2: