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Our History 1.Established in 1981(Tungsten heaters) 2.1986 Started development of Rare earth metals 3.1988 Rare metal targets(W, Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr and their alloys) 4.1989 complete W&Mo production line 5.1999 the whole complete W&Mo production line 6. 2001 titanium&nitinol production line(60 employees,5000m2 factory area) 7.2004 started production of Ta&Nb 8.2005 Heat treatment line completed 9.2012 Development of Nb-steel clad plate&Ta-steel clad plate(patented product) 10. 2013 Nb-Steel clad or Ta-Steel clad agitator 11.2017 Ta-Steel or Nb-Steel reactor 12.keep moving forward About our factory 1.Established in 1981,specializing in rare metals for more than 30 years, with 3 Invention Patents and 2 Utility Model Patents. 2.10 years of export experience We own complete tungsten&molybdenum production line, tantalum&niobium production line,micron nitinol wire & tungsten wire production line,and micron nitinol tube,titanium tube,tantalum tube production line. Our Product Our products: tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum,niobium, zirconium, hafnium, nitinol shape memory alloys in the shapes of block,plate,sheet,foil,bar,rod,wire,tube,disc and deep-processing parts, like crucibles,boats,fasteners, tungsten and molybdenum shield parts and other machining parts according to customers’ drawing. Among them, nitinol shape memory alloy thin wire and tubes are sold well in European and American market.Besides,tantalum or niobium steel agitator for reactors, tantalum or niobium steel reactors are our patent products. Our Key products: 1.Thin nitinol wire : We offer both coiled thin wire or straightened super-elastic wire for medical or other uses. Size:0.01~1mm Color: Oxide black, bright shining white 2.very small OD/WT of Nitinol tube HX Rare Metal materials a leader in large diameter, thin wall and micro diameter Nitinol tubing. years of experience of developing and manufacturing nitinol shape memory alloys gives us the knowledge to provide custom Nitinol tube sizes to your exact specifications, especially, very small diameter or thin wall niti tubes. 3.very Thin Thickness of Nitinol foil Nowadays, Many new medical innovations are possible for us to use very thin and excellent nitinol foil For its shape memory effect , Superelasticity, biocompatibility. Our niti foil sizes: thickness can be 0.05mm,width 150mm,or according to customers’ requirement Our featured products: TaW10: with higher strength than pure tantalum,with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.used as heat exchangers, heating elements,targets in chemical industry and defense industry. MoNb10 Targets:used in Flat panel display industry etc. NbZr10 targets NbHf10 targets Pure Tantalum targets Pure Niobium targets Pure tungsten targets Pure molybdenum targets Product Application Our products are widely used in the following field: —Electrical engineering —Electronic technology —Aerospace Engineering —Defense industry —Nuclear industry —Medical Applications —Motor industry —Petroleum chemical industry —Alloy steel industry —Chemical industry —other fields Our Certificate We have got ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certificate. We have received three national invention patents, two utility model patents; and win the honorary title High-tech enterprise , and got Shaanxi Province Torch Program project certificate and the SME technology innovation project certificate issued by State Scientific and Technological Commission. Production Equipment 1.Our workshop 2.Testing equipment Production Market We have customers from both domestic market and overseas market. overseas businesses cover more than 50 countries and regions.European and American market covers 65% of our export share. Our service Pre-sale services:Professional technical team and sales team work together to make a deep analysis of customers’ requirement, confirm every details after receiving customers’ inquiry. Selling services:provide best solution on price and performance,including proper products, best price on both products and shipping cost for customers. After-sale services:All our products are refundable and exchangeable if there are quality problems.China Nitinol Needle suppliers website: