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    Bill Meath

    Is anyone out there using Charity Tracker to track GA graduates transition to sustainability? i am looking for feedback on the pros and cons of the program.
    Thank you…
    Bill Meath
    SVDP – Hope Takes Action
    Rockford IL Diocese

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    Lori Miller

    We have used it with GA in Putnam County, Indiana. The pros are amazing reports that you can set the parameters for which measure progress and those served. The con is it is time consuming to enter the GA information (Stability and Resource Assessments from the book) and you have to follow up 6 months or a year later to really measure progress. I am trying to bring it to our community for a collaboration in meeting the needs of the under-resourced. I feel one of its great benefits is widespread community communication.

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    Sheila Sterrett

    We are considering it in Indianapolis. We have been researching other tracking systems for GA and feel Charity Tracker is intuitive, user-friendly, and cost effective. Kyle Minckler and other staff are very helpful and you can try it for a week or two and play with it. We were told there are about 40 other Vincentian sites across the country using Charity Tracker at this time. I’m sure you could get names and contact a few who are currently using it.

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