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    Irene Frechette

    The short answer to the question of “What does it take to become a Bridges out of Poverty Facilitator is as follows:
    Review/Watch the 7 DVD Series (this series can be purchased from SVDP National for $100+ or can be viewed online
    At at NO cost to the viewer. National pays $4.50 for each viewing
    Purchase the Getting Ahead in a just Getting by World from Aha for under $50.00
    Watch the 2 part Webinar that was developed by SVDP Team and will be held on 12/3 & 12/10

    1. Is the Bridges Individual Lens training that can be offered using the Bridges DVDs the same as the Bridges Out of Poverty training offered by Aha! Process. (In other words, it’s the same except on DVD and a lot cheaper?)
    The DVDs replicate the Bridges Training. The SVDP Webinar puts a SVDP charism spin to the method of teaching

    2. Is completing the Bridges Individual Lens training offered via the DVDs make someone a systemic change/Bridges trainer/formator? If not, how does someone become that? And, if the training is offered via DVD, what part are they teaching? (Or, is it they just introduce/host the Bridges Individual Lens sessions?)
    The DVD series is the educational piece of the process that introduces you to “the other side of the story” on how people who live in poverty deal with life

    3. Is it the Getting Ahead materials that Aha! Process gave us the right to modify, or the GA Facilitator training materials? Can we become GA Facilitator trainers through National by completing the training and offering the workshop ourselves? Or, is it only National that can train GA facilitators?
    You should NOT modify the materials from Aha!!!!! They are perfect just as they are.
    See my intro to answer the rest of your questions for #3

    4. What are the Bridges Education Sessions? Is that the same as the Bridges Individual Lens workshop? Is it the same as the Bridges workshop offered by Aha! Process? Or, is it something entirely different?
    Bridges out of Poverty is a construct or base upon which all of the other Bridges materials have been built
    Brides offers programs for k thru 12; college, health care, etc
    So the Bridges Education Session if for people working in the school systems

    5. If it’s something entirely different, what are the details? (How long is it, where can we get the content, etc?) Can we use the material to offer our own sessions?
    See answer to #4
    6. Are we allowed to offer any/all of the training sessions (Bridges Individual Lens, Bridges Education Session, the 7 DVDs, GA Facilitator training, etc) to anyone? Or, do they have to be Vincentians and/or someone else within our Council or the Society?
    if a Vincentian is planning on training non-Vincentians to be Facilitators – then we must notify our National Office and pay $4.50 per person per our contract with Bridges

    In Peoria, the Council recently put on a 1-Day workshop for Vincentians called “Understanding Poverty.” They used the Overview presentation from St Louis 3-day Transforming Lives workshop, the 7 Bridges DVDs along with the handout summary and discussion questions from St Louis, and a closing presentation put together locally on where they are going next in their area. The total cost to run the workshop was about $30 per person ($20 for the book, plus lunch/snacks).
    The Power Points that were used in Peoria are available to you through our website. If you would like to have a couple of folks from the National Systemic Change Task Force put a presentation on for you, this can be arranged through Jack Murphy. I think your District would have to pay for their transportation & lodging.

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    Tom Pelger

    Adding to Irene’s answers…the purchases from Aha are is the 2-book set of a Getting Ahead Facilitator Notes book and a Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin by World book (approx $38 plus S&H)
    2. SVdP doesn’t explicitly offer a program to certify someone as a Bridges formator. Viewing the DVDs – which essentially covers the core concepts in Bridges “individual lens” is a start. To further your understanding, read the book – “Bridges to Sustainable Communities” to get insights into how the various Bridges “lens” – individual, organization, and community fit together. Start offering Bridges education to others in your community and learn from the questions and dialogue. You don’t have to be an expert to add value and understanding to others in your community.
    3. Until you have conducted many Getting Ahead workshops as a facilitator, I’d recommend you have new prospective facilitators attend the SVdP GA Facilitator training webinars. While I agree that you shouldn’t change the workbook used in Getting Ahead classes, there is room for flexibility in how it is used. For example, we have built in shared exercises between investigators and their mentors to help solidify their relationship prior to graduation.
    4. Each community has put its own name on local Bridges Out of Poverty workshops – what is used to share the Bridges constructs with Vincentians, people from other churches and social service organizations. Some just call it a Bridges Out of Poverty workshop, others a Bridges Education Workshop, others Understanding Poverty, others A New Look at Poverty. Most Vincentians use the DVD set with Powerpoint introductions and closing presentations (to set it up, and to tie it to their local effort – e.g. offering Getting Ahead workshops with grads supported by mentors).
    5. You can get the DVDs from National. You can get the Powerpoints from another Council offering this (e.g. Peoria, Waukesha, and others)
    6. You can offer it to anyone. Only those who plan to train others should be identified to National so the $4.50 pp license fee can be paid.

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