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GA Background Checks

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    Bill Meath

    Does anyone do background checks on their GA investigators? Why or why not?

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    Irene Frechette

    Hi Bill — this is Irene in Massachusetts – we do not do background checks on our investigators. I remember that one the Vincentian Groups were being requested to do so. They were holding their meetings on church property. We do not hold our meetings on church property, therefore, there are no restrictions concerning background. As good Vincentians we try to be non-judgemental

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    Jeanne Harper

    Hi Bill !! In Green Bay Diocese, our Bishop requires all SVdP Members and volunteers to complete a background check because we are working with vulnerable individuals. The parish pays for the background checks because SVdP is part of our parish ministry. We are also required to attend Virtus training (Safe Environment).
    Jeanne Harper 715 923 9549

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