Reconceiving the Home Visit

Genesis of the "Reconceiving" Group

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    Steve Cigich

    This group is an offshoot of the 2015 National Meeting Workshop “Reconceiving the Home Visit” led by me. The workshop presented an analogy between lessons learned from the Bible and home visits. It also presented a tool Councils and Conference might use in creating a greater understanding of the home visit and relationships.
    The Old Testament covenant with Moses (10 Commandments + 603 rules) led to “stiff-necked people” and “hardness of the heart.” It also led to the rise of the Pharisees and Sadducees who used the laws to oppress the people. (think home visits based on strict interpretation of guidelines).

    In the New Testament, Christ’ covenant was the “Greatest Commandment” which focuses on mans’ need to form relationships with others out of love. By loving others as we love ourselves we express our love for the God whom we cannot see.

    We learn elsewhere in the New Testament that all of the old laws are fulfilled in this new covenant. (think, home visits where forming a relationship is the key; think systemic change ministries).

    The remainder of the workshop presented a tool Councils or Conferences can use in creating a greater understanding of healthy relationships. The tool and other materials are presented here.

    I pray you find this forum filled with useful, useable information. Feel free to join in!!!

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